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Margarita Chudnovskaya. Foto: Stockholms universitet

When it comes to men having children, money matters more than education

Study field and income are important factors for understanding childlessness among college educated Swedish men. A fourth of them remain childless, while women partner with men with lower education.

Två systrar jobbar med sina läxor. Foto: Mostphotos

Later-borns choose less prestigious programs at university

First-borns are more likely to study more prestigious subjects at university such as medicine and engineering and can thus expect greater earnings than later-borns, according to a new study.

Outi Sirniö. Photo: Maarit Kytöharju

How parental background is connected with children’s pathways into adult life

Children brought up in families in Finland with high level of socioeconomic resources follow more successful pathways to adulthood compared to the pathways of those with fewer such resources. Educational choices strongly shape the patterns of other life paths and events in early adulthood. These are some of the results of a new study in Demography.

SUNDEM - Stockholm University SIMSAM Node for Demographic Research

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