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Pregnancy / Graviditet. Photo/Foto: Mostphotos

Maternal age is not related to poorer child health

Does the age of the mother at the time of pregnancy and childbirth affect the health of the baby? This is a question that may intrigue many parents and potential parents in Sweden, particularly given that the average age at which mothers give birth in Sweden has increased from less than 27 in the early 1970s to around 31 today. But our recent study in American Journal of Epidemiology shows that the mother’s age is not related to factors such as premature birth or low birth weight – at least not among mothers who have at least two children.

Two Boys Playing With Toy In Playground Two Boys Playing With Toy In Playground. Photo: Mostphotos

Shared custody equals less stress for children

Children who live full time with one parent are more likely to feel stressed than children in shared custody situations. These are the results of a new study from Stockholm University’s Demography Unit.

Därför spelar åldersskillnaden mellan syskonen ingen roll. Två barn leker i skogen. Foto: Mostphotos

The spacing between siblings doesn’t matter

When is the best time to have another baby? This is a question that might intrigue parents planning to have more kids. But does it really matter for long-term outcomes in Sweden?

SUNDEM - Stockholm University SIMSAM Node for Demographic Research

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