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Gunnar Andersson. Photo: Stockholm University

New ERC grant on immigrants’ future life chances

How do the life courses of immigrants and their descendants look? And why do they differ between different groups? A new project in collaboration with Stockholm University aiming to answer these questions has been granted funding from the European Research Council, ERC.

Foto: Deyan Georgiev/Mostphotos

In Sweden, the lowest number of babies are born nine months after Valentine's day

Lots of sex during holidays in Sweden used to translate into lots of babies nine months later. But not anymore.

Eleonora Mussino. Photo: Stockholm University

What influences migrant fertility in Sweden?

Dr. Eleonora Mussino, Associate Professor of Demography & Sociology at Stockholm University, received 3.63 million kronor for a three-year project on migrant fertility. Mussino about her upcoming projects.

SUNDEM - Stockholm University SIMSAM Node for Demographic Research

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