The five most recent working papers in the Stockholm Research Reports in Demography (SRRD) series are:
“How does Birth Order and Number of Siblings Affect Fertility? A Within-Family Comparison using Swedish Register Data”, by Kathrin Morosow and Martin Kolk (Download SRRD 2016:07).
“Shared Physical Custody and Children’s Experience of Stress”, by Jani Turunen (Download SRRD 2016:08).
“Do Transnational Activities Hinder Integration? The Relevance of Transnational Activities within Integration Processes”, by Andrea Monti (Download SRRD 2016:09).
" Demographic and Educational Success of Descendants: A Prospective Analysis of the Number of Great Grandchildren and their Education in 19th, 20th and 21st Century Northern Sweden", by Martin Kolk and Martin Hällsten ( Download SRRD 2016:10)
"Double Disadvantage in a Nordic Welfare State: A Demographic Analysis of the Single Mother Employment Gap in Finland, 1987–2011", by Juho Härkönen, Eevi Lappalainen and Marika Jalovaara (Download SRRD 2016:11)