The most recent working papers in the Stockholm Research Reports in Demography (SRRD) series are:

“Life-table Representations of Family Dynamics in the 21st Century”, by Gunnar Andersson, Elizabeth Thomson and Aija Duntava (Download SRRD 2016:12).
“Improved Integration of Female Refugees? – An Evaluation of the Establishment Reform”, by Alma Wennemo Lanninger (Download SRRD 2016:13).
“Promoting Parental Leave for Immigrant Fathers – What Role does Policy Play?”, by Jussi Tervola, Ann-Zofie Duvander and Eleonora Mussino (Download SRRD 2016:14).
“Partner Choice and Timing of First Marriage among the Children of Immigrants in Norway and Sweden”, by Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik and Jennifer Holland (Download SRRD 2016:15).