Alessandro Di Nallo from University of Lausanne stays with us during the entire months of August and September to work with Siddartha Aradhya and Ben Wilson on a project about unemployment and fertility among second generation immigrants. Alessandro is a post-doc in the CRITEVENTS project at Uni Lausanne ( and has a career background from Bocconi, LSE and Pompeu Fabra.
Kirsten van Houdt will join us next week and will also stay at the department until the end of September. Kirsten is a PhD student from the Sociology department at University of Amsterdam ( Her project focuses on adult parent-child relationships in the context of family complexity, and has been involved in collecting a Dutch multi-actor dataset on complex families (OKiN, see During her visit she will work with Elizabeth Thomson, and like Alessandro, she will present her work in a Demography seminar in the weeks to come.
Alessandro is located in the guest researcher office B836 and Kirsten will stay in B860.