2009-10-21 The Gender Story of European Family Change

"The Gender Story of European Family Change” open symposium with SUDA’s Livia Oláh as main organizer was held in Stockholm on October 24, 2009. Support from the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS), the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, and SUDA is gratefully acknowledged. About 50 participants attended the symposium, contributing with engaging questions and comments.
Kindly see the symposium program, as well as pictures from the event.

2009-10-22 SUDA welcome three new PhD students to the crew

From left: Maria Brandén, Martin Kolk and Sofi Ohlsson.
From left: Maria Brandén, Martin Kolk and Sofi Ohlsson.

SUDA welcome Maria Brandén, Sofi Ohlsson and Martin Kolk as new PhD students in Sociological Demography.

In their dissertation work, Maria is about to study the causes and consequences of regional mobility in a sex segregated labor market, Sofi studies the relationship between occupation, workplace and family dynamics, while Martin focuses on the effects of kinship relations on demographical behavior.

All three base their research on analyses of Swedish register data.

2009-10-21 SUDA researchers on stage at SPaDE workshop in Stockholm

On October 6, The Linnaeus Center on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe, SPaDE, held its first annual workshop with center members, international collaborators and advisory board members present in Stockholm. A crowd of SUDA researchers attended to present their research output for SPaDE from the first year of center activity.

2009-10-21 Newcomers and returners at SUDA

SUDA are happy and proud to welcome Gerda Neyer, Juho Härkönen, Sunnee Billingsley, Sven Drefahl, and Jan Hoem to Stockholm and the Demography Unit.

Gerda Neyer.
Gerda Neyer.

Gerda Neyer is a political scientist who has collaborated in the past with several SUDA demographers. She has a position as senior researcher in the SPaDE Center located at SUDA. Previously she headed the Laboratory of Population and Policy at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, in Rostock.



Juho Härkönen.
Juho Härkönen.

Juho Härkönen has been a Postdoctoral Associate at the Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course at Yale University (CIQLE). He has conducted comparative European research on dual joblessness, socioeconomic differentials in divorce, and the intergenerational transmission of inequality. Juho is a member in the SPaDE Center and SIMSAM project located at SUDA. He also has an appointment in the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI).


Sunnee Billingsley.
Sunnee Billingsley.

Sunnee Billingsley has a post-doc position in the the SPaDE center and has just received her Ph.D. from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona where she was enrolled at the Department of Political and Social Sciences. Her thesis involves a series of studies on the impact of market reform and political change on demographic behavior in Russia.



Sven Drefahl.
Sven Drefahl.

Sven Drefahl has a post-doc position in the SIMSAM project at SUDA and is just about to defend his Ph.D. at Rostock University. His thesis involves a series of studies on the association between family relations and mortality. It is based on analyses of Danish register data.

Sven Drefahl


Jan Hoem.
Jan Hoem.

Jan Hoem joins as a visiting Emeritus Professor in Demography. He maintains his emeritus position at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, where he served as Director during most of the last decade. Jan Hoem has conducted research on social policy and childbearing in Sweden and is the founder of the Stockholm University Demography Unit.


2009-10-03 SUDA represented at IUSSP's international conference in Marrakech, Morocco

Many of the personnel at SUDA where present at The XXVI IUSSP International Population Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. The staff at SUDA chaired two sessions, did seven presentations and presented four posters during the week of the conference.

From left: Elizabeth Thomson, Sara Thalberg, Jani Turunen, Sofi Ohlsson, Helen Eriksson, Maria Brandén, Ann-Zofie Duvander, and Sara Ström


2009-06-18 SUDA's Helen Eriksson awarded for best thesis of the year

Uppsala Political Science Association has awarded Helen Eriksson, research analyst at SUDA, for best thesis 2008/09. She receives the award for her magister thesis in Political Science, which later has resulted in the working paper “Is Economy Most Important? – A study of economic incentives for using temporary parental leave for care of sick children”, published by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Working Papers in Social Insurance 2009:1.

2009-06-08 Master’s and Magister Seminars, June 2009

All texts are seminar versions, please do not quote

Monday June 15, 15-17, B900
Alessandra Carioli ”The role of unobserved heterogeneity in transition to higher parity: evidence from Italy using Multiscopo survey”, supervisor Elizabeth Thomson, discussant Gittan Lindström

Maria Brandén “Occupational branch, educational level and gender differences in regional mobility – Sweden 1998-2003“, supervisor Sara Ström, discussant Charlotta Hedberg

Wednesday June 17, 13-15, B900
Martin Kolk “Fertility in Nineteenth Century northern Sweden: Deliberate Birth Spacing in a High Fertility Population“, supervisor Gunnar Andersson, discussant Sören Edvinsson

Sofi Ohlsson ”Trend reversal in marriage in Sweden”, supervisor Gunnar Andersson, discussant Gerda Neyer

2009-05-25 SUDA represented at the 2009 annual meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA)

This year, SUDA was represented at no less than six sessions at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), in Detroit April 30 – May 2. Elizabeth Thomson was chair for the session “Methodological Challenges in Studies of Couples and Families”. Further Jennifer Holland (University of Wisconsin at Madison) presented the paper “New Partners, New Children in Sweden”, which she co-authors with Thomson. Eva Bernhardt and Livia Oláh co-authored “Parental Divorce and Gender Equality in Sweden” with Frances Goldscheider (Brown University) and Michael Gähler (Stockholm University). Gunnar Andersson was discussant in the session “Mobility Decisions and Fertility Decisions”. He also was co-author of the paper “High Suburban Fertility: Evidence from Four Northern European Countries”, with Hill Kulu (University of Liverpool) and Paul J. Boyle (University of St Andrews). Sofi Ohlsson presented her poster “Trend Reversal in Marriage in Sweden” and Jani Turunen presented his poster “Entering a Stepfamily - Family Reconstitution in Sweden 1970-2000”.

2009-05-01 Congratulations to Professor Gunnar Andersson

On May 1st SUDA's Gunnar Andersson became a Professor of Demography.

2009-04-24 Workshop on Employment Uncertainty and Family Dynamics in Berlin, July 3 and 4 2009

This summer, Gunnar Andersson (SUDA), Michaela Kreyenfeld (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research) and Ariane Pailhé (French National Institute for Demographic Studies) are organizing a workshop on Employment Uncertainty and Family Dynamics.

2009-04-14 SUDA researchers presenting at the Demography Day at Statistics Sweden, May 14 2009

Several SUDA researchers are presenting their work at the Demography Day at Statistics Sweden. Gunnar Andersson is the first keynote speaker of the morning session – he will talk about childbearing in the period of economic crisis. Ann-Zofie Duvander will lead the morning session and the panel debate ending that. Livia Olah is the convenor of the afternoon seminar on research, where Eva Bernhardt and Sara Thalberg will present their most recent projects – these are the Swedish Young Adult Panel Study and students’ childbearing in Sweden, respectively.

2009-02-02 Simsam page up and running

The web page for the newly initiated research project ”Register-based Research in Nordic Demography”, financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) through the Swedish Initiative for research on Microdata in the Social and Medical Sciences (SIMSAM), is now up and running.

Have a look at http://www.suda.su.se/simsam