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Stay in touch with the Department of Sociology after your studies!

There are plenty of good reasons for alumni to stay in touch with the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University. Stay connected after you graduate, or reconnect with us now, to find out more about what possibilities are in store for you!

Meet our Alumni!

Find out what some of our former students do today - and how they think that our Master's Programme in Demography helped them realize their professional goals.

Nicholas Adjei.

"The Master's Programme in Demography advanced me as a Population & Public Health scientist"

Nicholas Adjei is a young researcher with a research focus on population ageing and health inequalities. His educational background in Demography at SUDA paved the way for him and helped him form his research interest.

Petra Krampl. Photo: Leila Zoubir / Stockholm university

”The people have a voice here – that’s why I was intrigued by Stockholm university”

The university’s high ranking, a different teaching style that encourages discussions and her own eager to learn more about the Swedish social welfare system – this is why Petra Krampl chose the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University for her exchange studies.

Anna-Karin Nylin. Foto: Leila Zoubir/Stockholms universitet

"I started to look for courses that would give my education 'that little extra'"

Anna-Karin Nylin, now a PhD student at SUDA and researcher at Statistics Sweden, enjoyed the mix of theory and the exercises where the students got to learn how to calculate basic demographic measurements.

Christopher Grönberg

"I am really happy with the quality of the training that I received"

Our alumn Christopher Grönberg, now a PhD student at Cornell University, says that our Master's programme in Demography helped create his professional goals.

Maxim Kan

"The knowledge I acquired at Stockholm University has helped my work performance"

Maxim Kan chose to study in Sweden because he felt it was the best place to acquire a better understanding of the mechanisms of a welfare state, as well as learn how developing countries can learn from it.

Kim Jansson

"Without this training, I wouldn’t be where I am today"

Kim Jansson, who now works at the Institute for Futures Studies, in Stockholm, has studied both sociology and demography. He says that this training is a premise for the job he does now.

Maria Brandén. Foto: Clément Morin/Stockholms universitet.

"The Master's Programme in Demography taught me the fundamentals of doing research"

Prior to working as a researcher at SUDA and the Institute for Analytical Sociology in Linköpong, Maria Brandén studied our Master's programme in Demography.

Dedek Prayudi

"Sweden is worldwide famous for her very advanced demography related policies"

After the completion of hist master studies in demography, our alumn Dedek Prayudi realised that research is a fun thing to do. He followed this new interest up by becoming a researcher at a national university in Indonesia before finally joining UNFPA Indonesia.

Anni Pajunen

"The Master’s programme have played a very important role in my career choices and opportunities"

Anni Erlandsson's best memory of the Master's programme in Demography is the positive atmosphere at SUDA. Now she is a PhD student at SOFI.