Current activity:

PhD student at SUDA and the Department of Sociology, and researcher at the Forecasting Institute, Statistics Sweden.

What did you study prior to entering the Master program in Demography?

I was studying sociology at Uppsala university.

Why demography in Stockholm?

I was starting to worry about what possibilities a sociologist had on the labor market. So I started to look for courses that would give my education “that little extra”. I was looking through courses at different universities and came across information about the Master´s Programme in Demography at SUDA. I was instantly hooked!

What did you like most about studying demography?

That I got to meet people, both teachers and other students, from different fields of study. The discussions during classes got very interesting when a group of sociologists, economists, human geographers and statisticians met.

What is the best memory you have of the master program?

I enjoyed the mix of theory and exercises where we got to learn how to calculate basic demographic measurements. We also got to do a much appreciated study trip to Statistics Sweden, which is actually the place I now work at.

How did Master program in Demography help you realize your professional goals?

It gave me the background for my career as a demographer. As soon as I finished my education I started working with demographic analyses for Västerås city. I later moved on to work with demographic analyses at Statistics Sweden.

I also feel that I have great opportunities to move on to other work places if I so feel like it. The demographic aspect is so fundamental when making decisions of different kinds, for instance political decisions on both municipal level as well as national level.

This of course makes demographers desirable at many workplaces from municipals to the government level. Many international organizations, like for instance the UN, as well as the private sector have a need for demographers. I also believe it is a good base to have if you are interested in further studies at the university.

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

I liked it so much here that I have actually now returned to the city after some years away. Stockholm has a rich cultural scene and lots of good restaurants, something I highly value. And the city is of course very beautiful. I love the many walks you can take along watersides.