Current activity:

Research assistant at the United Nations Population Fund, Indonesia country office.

What did you study prior to entering the Master's Programme in Demography?

Double major in Political Science and Sociology.

Why Demography in Stockholm?

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Sweden is worldwide famous for her very advanced demography related policies, particularly on fertility and gender equality policies. Also, Jan Hoem and Gunnar Andersson's papers are well known in Asia.

What did you like most about studying Demography?

It is in line with my interest: public policy AND it covers a lot of statistical logics which adds a lot more fun.

What is the best memory you have of the master programme?

Group work problem solving especially when we did data management tasks of Sara's class.

How did our Master's Programme in Demography help you realize your professional goals?

After the completion of my study, I realised that research is a fun thing to do. I then follow this new interest up by becoming a researcher at a national university in Indonesia before finally joined UNFPA Indonesia.

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

Sweden is an amazing country to live in apart from its very long and dark winter. People are super open-minded and welcoming. It was so easy to fit in the society. I don't understand why some people call them cold. You just need to initiate a conversation and within seconds, you will find them enthusiastic in having the conversation with you.