Current activity:

Regional Research Manager of Population Services International (PSI) for the Central Asian platform.

What did you study prior to entering the Master program in Demography?

Prior to entering the Master of Science program in Demography at Stockholm University, I received my bachelor’s degree in international relations.

Why demography in Stockholm?

After graduation, I worked in the Center for Chinese
Studies and after one year I moved to China with the goal
of improving my Chinese language skills. It was while I
was in China where I realized the importance of studying demographics, as well as the importance of understanding how demographic processes influence all other spheres of
life, such as politics and economies.

Later, I won a scholarship from the government of my home country in Kazakhstan, and I was granted the opportunity to choose various countries to receive my Master degree. However, I chose to study in Sweden because I felt that it was the best place that would help me acquire a better understanding of the mechanisms of a welfare state, as well as learn how developing countries can apply this kind of structure and lessons to themselves.

What did you like most about studying demography?

While at Stockholm University, I really enjoyed the interdisciplinary approach to studying demography, where I was able to learn about the topic from different perspectives and take into account various factors. I really enjoyed studying in SUDA, and the incredible staff of the SUDA department made my time in Stockholm very interesting.

What is the best memory you have of the master program?

One of my best memories is the European Population Conference that was held by SUDA in June of 2012. We had gotten involved as volunteers, and it was really an amazing experience to have been able to meet all the famous demographers all over the world, as well as feel like I was part of an international community of demographers.

How did Master program in Demography help you realize your professional goals?

The Master of Science program in Demography at Stockholm University helped me realize my professional goals immediately after coming back to my home country. I was hired by PSI, and all the knowledge that I have acquired at Stockholm University has helped my work performance. Quite recently our organization “migrated” to using STATA software and longitudinal analysis, which was precisely what I had learned during my studies at Stockholm University. It is clear that Stockholm University directly influenced my ability to achieve new levels of professional development.

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

I would definitely recommend this program to all prospective students interested in studying Demography, because in addition to receiving a high quality education, they will also receive the incredible experience of living in one of the best cities of the world. It was awesome to study and work in Stockholm, and in the future I hope to possibly return and receive a PhD degree.