Matilda Rehn. Photo: Private
Matilda Rehn. Photo: Private

What are you doing now?

I'm a spatial planner and a demographer working as a regional planner at Region Stockholm.

How did our Master's Programme in Demography help you realize your professional goals?

Spatial planning in combination with knowledge about the demographic changes has helped me a lot in my daily work. It is the future population we are planning for at Region Stockholm, so knowledge about the population, both now and in the future is essential. The Master's Programme gave me the base knowledge needed about various aspects of the demographic development both in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. It also gave me the tools to find data, analyze and draw conclusions.

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

I moved from Uppsala to Stockholm to do my Master's degree, so it was not a huge move. I do love living in Stockholm due to its beauty, green and blue spaces, closeness to the archipelago, lively cultural life and good food. It is truly a beautiful city and thus always something to explore.   

How come you chose SUDA and Stockholm University for your master studies?

During my Bachelors degree in spatial planning at Uppsala University, the lectures about Demography was always the most interesting ones, so when I found the Master's Programme in Demography at SUDA there was no hesitation from my side - that’s what I want to do!