Sebastian Ruiz. Photo: Private
Sebastian Ruiz. Photo: Private

What are you doing now?

I’m living in Spain since 4 years, and I recently finished my PhD in Demography at the Centre for Demographic Studies in Barcelona. Now I’m heading to make a post doc at Shanghai University. 

How did you get to where you are today?

I came here after working 3 years at the statistical bureau of my country, Colombia. There, I met my former supervisor and started my PhD at the Centre for Demographic Studies in Barcelona. 

How did our Master's Programme in Demography help you realize your professional goals?

It was great a great experience from the very beginning with the master, because not to many people has one in my country in that discipline. The reinforcement of my English during the stay was a great plus. Besides, teachers are well known in the field, and the Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA) at the Department of Sociology is one of the leading Demography centers. I made contacts and got the opportunity to network during the conferences for example. 

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

Living in Stockholm was a great experience, in fact if I have the possibility in the future, I will do it again. I was very happy cycling every day to go to the university or anywhere, and the people are lovely. 

How come you chose SUDA and Stockholm University for your master studies?

I have chosen SUDA because a friend from Stockholm Resilience Centre talked to me about Demography at Stockholm University. I was interested in some more programmes like Biostatistics or Urban Planning, but I chose Demography.