Ignacio Carrasco. Photo: Private
Ignacio Carrasco. Photo: Private

What are you doing now?

I'm in my second year of a PhD at Pompeu Fabra University.

How did you get to where you are today?

After finishing my master's programme in Demography in 2015, I worked at the UN-ECLAC within the Social Development Division in Santiago de Chile for about 4 years. I then decided to enrol in a PhD because it'd be very important for my career. I was also looking forward to be able to focus on migration related topics within academia, as well as being in contact with leading scholars working in the field of demography and migration.  

How did our Master's Programme in Demography help you realize your professional goals?

The master's programme in Demography provided me with a clear understanding of the demographic approach and existing demographic research/analytical tools. I realized that what I learnt is highly valued both within an academic career and the professional sphere of international development.

How did you like living and working in Stockholm?

I actually lived in Uppsala, which was very nice too. I used to commute when I had classes, as the train connections were very handy. Studying in Stockholm was definitely a very fruitful experience. I used to enjoy its parks, forests, museums and public libraries, especially the Stadsbibliotek. I also made a very good group of friends within the master’s program, as well as in a couple of organizations that I got engaged.

How come you chose SUDA and Stockholm University for your master studies?

I wanted to study a master in Demography that would be in dialogue with the sociological field, and that provided me with cutting-edge research methods and debates. In this sense, SUDA and Stockholm University felt like the right choice.