Student crowd outside Stockholm University Metro Station. Photo: Eva Dalin
Student crowd outside Stockholm University Metro Station. Photo: Eva Dalin

Join our international environment and study in Stockholm!

Perhaps you have a bachelor in social sciences, but you’d like to develop your skills in quantitative methods? Or maybe you would like to do an internship as a part of your postgraduate education? If so, then we’d like to draw your attention to our two-year Master’s in Demography, given in English at the Stockholm University Demography Unit.

As a demographer, you can apply for a variety of jobs, including as a researcher for governments, ministries, municipalities, charities and international organizations; or as a community planner, forecaster or analyst at organizations like Statistics Sweden, SIDA, and the UN. Demographers can also apply for positions at insurance companies, investment organisations, and a range of other businesses.

Our researchers – your teachers – will share their unique expertise, on topics such as gender equity, family change, and the impacts of social policy. They will also share their experience of analysing data from surveys and population registers. As an acknowledgement of our expertise, and our world-class research, demography has officially become a leading research area at Stockholm University. Read more about our research here!

What is Demography?

Demography is the study of human populations – their size, characteristics, and geographical distribution – and the process of population change. Demographers study the three ‘big events’ that determine population change: births, deaths and migration.

But demography also goes well beyond these three events, and draws extensively from related disciplines – sociology, economics, statistics, history, political science, anthropology, psychology, public health and environmental sciences. Becoming a demographer will therefore give you a chance to use your entire education.

Multidisciplinary Master's Programme in Demography, 120 credits

Our two-year multidisciplinary Master’s programme in demography contains five compulsory courses: Population Development and Social Change, Basic Demographic Methods, Population Processes, Event-History Analysis: Regression for Longitudinal Event Data and Research Methods. These can be combined with elective courses in demography, sociology and other topics. Within this programme, you have the opportunity to apply for an internship at a workplace (15 or 7,5 credits). At the end of the programme, you will write a master thesis of 30 higher education credits. Read more here!

You can also choose to study our one-year Master´s Programme in Demography (60 credits). Please note that you cannot apply for an internship at a workplace within the one-year programme. Read more here!

Questions? Please contact Eleonora Mussino or Maria Lind.