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  • SRRD 2020:22 Mussino, Eleonora, Ben Wilson, Gunnar Andersson. The Fertility of Immigrants from Low Fertility Settings: Adaptation in the Tempo and Quantum of Childbearing?
  • SRRD 2020:21 Kridahl, Linda, Ann-Zofie Duvander. “Why did you spend money on that?” Older partners’ economic conflicts and management of household money in Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:20 Saarela, Jan, Ben Wilson. Forced Migration and the Childbearing of Women and Men: A Disruption of the Tempo and Quantum of Fertility? 
  • SRRD 2020:19 Drefahl, Sven, Eleonora Mussino. How Does the Age of the Child Affect Parental Survival?
  • SRRD 2020:18 Weber, Rosa, Jan Saarela. Who Migrates in a Setting of Free Mobility? Assessing the Reason for Migration and Integration Patterns using Cross-national Register Data from Finland and Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:17 Uggla, Caroline, Ben Wilson. Age Gaps between Partners among Immigrants and Their Descendants: Adaptation across Time and Generations?
  • SRRD 2020:16 Saarela, Jan, Martin Kolk, Ognjen Obućina. Kinship, Heritage and Ethnic Choice: Ethnolinguistic Registration across Four Generations in Contemporary Finland
  • SRRD 2020:15 Tønnessen, Marianne, Siddartha Aradhya, Eleonora Mussino. How the War in Syria Changed the Demography of Sweden and Norway - A Demographic Butterfly Effect
  • SRRD 2020:14 Aradhya, Siddartha, Raffaele Grotti, Juho Härkönen. Heterogeneous Unemployment Dynamics of Ancestral Swedes and Second-Generation Immigrants
  • SRRD 2020:13 Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Karin Halldén, Alison Koslowski, Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist. Income Loss and Leave Taking: Do Financial Benefit Top-ups Influence Fathers' Parental Leave Use in Sweden? 
  • SRRD 2020:12 Mureşan, Cornelia, Livia Oláh. Men’s First Partnership Formation in Four Former State-Socialist Countries during the Transition Period. This manuscript is also published in Romanian Journal of Population Studies 13(2): 35-52.
  • SRRD 2020:11 Kolk, Martin, Kieron Barclay. Do Income and Marriage Mediate the Relationship between Cognitive Ability and Fertility? Data from Swedish Taxation and Conscriptions Registers for Men Born 1951-1967 
  • SRRD 2020:10 Klængur Jónsson, Ari. Friends or Foes: Semi-Formalized Cohabitation and Subsequent Marital Stability in Iceland, 1995-2013 
  • SRRD 2020:09 Turunen, Jani, Maria Brandén, Karin Lundström. Geographical Distance between Child and Parent after a Union Dissolution in Sweden 1974-2011
  • SRRD 2020:08 Capkova, Klara, Marika Jalovaara. Educational Disadvantages in Single Fatherhood and Single Motherhood Family Pathways
  • SRRD 2020:07 Comoli, Chiara. Resources and Aspirations during the Great Recession: The Impact on the Transition to Motherhood
  • SRRD 2020:06 Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Eleonora Mussino, Jussi Tervola. Similar Negotiations over Childcare? A Comparative Study of Fahters' Leave Use in Finland and Sweden
  • SRRD 2020:05 Härkönen, Juho, Sunnee Billingsley, Maria Hornung. Divorce Trends in Seven Countries Over the Long Transition from State Socialism: 1981–2004. Final version published as Härkönen J., Billingsley S., Hornung, M. (2020).  Divorce Trends in Seven Countries Over the Long Transition from State Socialism: 1981–2004 In: Mortelmans D. (eds) Divorce in Europe. European Studies of Population, vol 21. Springer, Cham
  • SRRD 2020:04 Keenan, Katherine, Kieron Barclay, and Alice Goisis. Health Outcomes of Only Children across the Life Course: An Investigation using Swedish Register Data 
  • SRRD 2020:03 Vogiazides, Louisa, and Hernan Mondani. Geographical Trajectories of Refugees in Sweden. Uncovering Patterns and Drivers of Inter-regional (Im)mobility
  • SRRD 2020:02 Wallace, Matthew, and Ben Wilson. Age Variations and Over-Coverage: Is the Migrant Mortality Advantage Merely a Data Artefact?
  • SRRD 2020:01 Dabergott, Filip. The Gendered Widowhood Effect and Social Mortality Gap 

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