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Register data

Much of Sweden’s demographic research is based on longitudinal population register data. Sweden’s system of population registers is a unique source for research; it builds on the centuries-long practice of collection and processing of demographic data through Statistics Sweden and its predecessors via the Swedish State Church and other government authorities. Much of the demographic research at SUDA builds on access to a collection of registers called Sweden in Time: Activities and Relations (STAR). The STAR data are stored at Statistics Sweden and available to researchers at SUDA and the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) through Statistics Sweden’s Micro-Online Access System, MONA. All research projects at SUDA and SOFI have been subjected to necessary ethical approval.

SUDA hosts a research program with the purpose to develop register-based demographic research, the Stockholm University SIMSAM Node for Demographic Research.

Contacts at SUDA: Gunnar Andersson and Helen Eriksson


  • Sweden in Time: Activities and Relations (STAR)