Data Collection

Data Collection

The panel database 'Family and Working Life among Young Adults in the 21st Century' (YAPS) is designed by professor Eva Bernhardt at Stockholm University and contains data from three surveys including the same individuals. Statistics Sweden was in charge of the field­work, collecting data via mail and web questionnaires in 1999, 2003, and 2009. THe data contains ca. 3500 individuals, for whom there is information from three different sources: 

  1. responses to the questions in three mail- and webb questionnaire surveys, 1999, 2003, and 2009 (plans, expectations and attitudes regarding family and working life, plus factual information about their current situation and background characteristics),
  2. register data on educational level and line of study from 1985,
  3. register data on vital events, namely births, marriages and divorces from 1986, and
  4. register data on different kinds of income from 1985.

The first survey was carried out in April-May 1999. The main sample consisted of 3408 individuals aged 22, 26 and 30 years, born in Sweden with two Swedish-born parents. A second, smaller sample consisted of 951 persons born in Sweden in 1972 and 1976 (i.e. aged 26 and 30 years), with one or both parents born either in Poland or in Turkey (the second-generation sample). With an overall response rate of 65%, there were a total of 2820 original respondents (2283 individuals in the main sample and 537 individuals in the second-generation sample).

Four years later, in May-June 2003 a second round of the survey was conducted. This time a new group of 22-year olds was added for those with two Swedish-born parents, increasing the number of birth cohorts to four (1968, 1972, 1976, and 1980). The response rate for the Swedish sample was 72 percent, and 67 percent for the second generation sample (which only includes two birth cohorts, namely 1972 and 1976). Thus, the total number of respondents in 2003 was 2 816 (2469 individuals in the main sample and 347 individuals in the second-generation sample).

During spring of 2009, the third and last round of the survey was conducted. The sample consisted of all who had participated in any of the previous surveys 1999 and/or 2003 (3547 individuals). The data was collected using mail and webb questionnaires. The response rate was 56 percent, or 1986 respondents. 1385 of these has participated in all three surveys. At the time of the third survey, the partner of the respondent was asked to fill out a special questionnaire. A total of 1196 partners answered the special partner questionnaire, and for 1095 couples, both the respondent and the partner participated. This is equal to 72 percent of all the respondents who claimed they had a partner at the time of the survey. In addition 707 respondents participated by answering a shorter questionnaire by phone.



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