Research Group

Research Group

Research group for ongoing project 'Forerunners in family behavior and gender equality: New trends among young adults in Sweden' (Dnr 2012-0646), financed by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE):

Ann-Zofie Duvander ( is associate professor in sociology and lecturer in demography and holds a joint appointment as researcher at the The Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate. She is an expert on the uptake and consequences of parental benefits and has also investigated the relationship between income and fertility.

Maria Brandén ( is a researcher with a PhD in sociological demography. She wrote her dissertation on regional mobility, gender egalitarianism and the labor market.

Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk ( is a researcher with a PhD in sociological demography. She has written a dissertation on marriage trends and the association between work life and childbearing among women and men in Sweden.

Eva Bernhardt ( is professor emerita of demography. Her main research area is family demography, with special emphasis on the intersection between family building and working life from a gender perspective. She initiated the Swedish Young Adult Panel Study in 1998, and has been responsible for the three rounds of the survey carried out. She previously served as the Swedish expert on family policy on the EU-financed European Observatory on Demography, the Social situation and the Family.



Gunnar Andersson, Professor of Demography
Telephone: +46 8 16 32 61
E-mail: gunnar.andersson(a)

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