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YAPS Working papers

Below you find our two previous working paper series. More recent working papers are published in the Stockholm Research Reports in Demography (SRRD). Här nedan finner du våra två tidigare rapportserier:

  • The YAPS WP-series consists of studies based on YAPS data.

    The EQUAL WP-series consists of studies from the FAS-financed project 'Domestic Gender Equality and Childbearing in Sweden', based on YAPS data.


YAPS WP 03/14: Ruppaner, Leah, Maria Brandén & Jani Turunen. "I can’t get no satisfaction: Gender attitudes, housework divisions and partner satisfaction".
Download YAPS WP 03/14 (193 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 02/14: Bernhardt, Eva, Frances Goldscheider & Jani Turunen. "Long-term effects of gender role attitudes on the transition to parenthood in Sweden: Do egalitarian men catch up?"
Download YAPS WP 02/14 (647 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 01/14: Andersson Rydell, Linus. "Gendered impacts of life course experiences on attitudes toward divorce in Sweden"
Download YAPS WP 01/14 (808 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 01/13: Switek, Malgorzata. "Explaining well-being over the life cycle: A look at life transitions during young adulthood"
Download YAPS WP 01/13 (875 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 06/12: Switek, Malgorzata. "Internal Migration and Life Satisfaction: Well-Being Effects of Moving as a Young Adult".
Download YAPS WP 06/12 (532 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 05/12: Fahlén, Susanne. "Family-friendly working conditions and childbearing among young adult women in Sweden".
Download YAPS WP 05/12 (264 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 04/12: Wanders, Frank. "Attrition in a Swedish Panel-study (YAPS)".
Download YAPS WP 04/12 (2209 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 03/12: Flood, Lisa. "Kvinnors inställning till delad föräldraledighet och karriär -finns det ett samband?".
Download YAPS WP 03/12 (371 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 02/12: Sandström, Karin & Linda Yxner. "Attitudes and parental leave".
Download YAPS WP 02/12 (449 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 01/12: Lahne, Oscar & Richard Wenne. "Hur skapas jämställda attityder? Effekten av egen utbildning, föräldrars utbildning och föräldrars fördelning av hushållsarbete".
Download YAPS WP 01/12 (263 Kb) (.pdf)

YAPS WP 01/11: Bergnéhr, Disa & Eva Bernhardt. "The non-modern child? Ambivalence about parenthood among young adults".
Download YAPS WP 01/11 (419 Kb) (.pdf)


EQUAL WP 7: Goldscheider, Frances, Eva Bernhardt & Trude Lappegård. "The second half of the gender revolution in Sweden: Will it strengthen the family?".
Download EQUAL WP 7 (655 Kb) (.pdf)

EQUAL WP 6: Kaufman, Gayle & Eva Bernhardt. "Gender, work and childbearing: Couple analysis of work adjustments after the transition to parenthood".
Download EQUAL WP 6 (210 Kb) (.pdf)

EQUAL WP 5: Brandén, Maria. "Gender and Couples’ Career Migration in Sweden".
Download EQUAL WP 5 (380 Kb) (.pdf)

EQUAL WP 4: Evertsson, Marie. "Sharing Housework and Child Care in Sweden. Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of gender ideology and unpaid work".
Download EQUAL WP 4 (389 Kb) (.pdf)

EQUAL WP 3: Oláh, Livia Sz.& Michael Gähler. "Gender Equality Perceptions, Division of Paid and Unpaid Work, and Partnership Dissolution in Sweden".
Download EQUAL WP 3 (289 Kb) (.pdf)

EQUAL WP 2: Kaufman, Gayle & Eva Bernhardt. "Changing families, unchanging attitudes: The effect of family transitions on gender role attitudes in Sweden". Download EQUAL WP 2 (152 Kb) (.pdf)

EQUAL WP 1: Goldscheider, Frances & Eva Bernhardt. "Domestic Gender Equality and Childbearing in Sweden".
Download EQUAL WP 1 (647 Kb) (.pdf)



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