The Stockholm University SIMSAM Node for Demographic Research (SUNDEM) builds on the potential for top-class demographic research as provided by the individual, longitudinal, and spatial data available in Sweden’s population registers and the system of administrative registers that builds on the population registers.

The modern system of digitized registers in turn builds on a centuries-long tradition of population statistics that has made Sweden a reference country in many streams of demographic research. SUNDEM brings together researchers with focus on the three demographic processes of fertility (and family dynamics), mortality (and health), and migration (and integration) from the Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA) and the Department of Human Geography at the same university.

It involves collaboration with register researchers in the other Nordic and a few European countries for which similar types of data are available. The overarching goal is to produce research that exploits the unique qualities that only register data have.

The research on fertility and family dynamics focusses on Sweden’s status as a forerunner in many aspects of family demographic change; the research on mortality and migration focusses on the interaction of these processes with those of fertility and family dynamics. A key aim has been to create new synergies for demographic research by combining the program’s expertise in longitudinal and spatial methods of analyses of register data.