Most of the work we do is comparative, engaging data from countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world. We are particularly interested in the effects of social policy and gender relationships on demographic behavior. Much of our research benefits from access to large-scale longitudinal population-register data of Sweden and other Nordic countries.

Our research group provides a unique expertise in family, migration, ageing, gender, and policy research and competence in analyzing large-scale register data. Recent research projects have addressed questions such as

  • How do social policies affect family formation, childbearing, and dissolution?
  • How long can we live?
  • Which social groups were most heavily affected by Covid-19 mortality?
  • How do gender relations shape family life and retirement decisions?
  • How does immigration change family life?
  • How does geographical segregation affect the life chances of Swedish- and foreign-born individuals?
  • Why are birth rates in Sweden and other Nordic countries falling?

Our largest projects include:

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